The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn
By: Mark Twain

Huckleberry Finn is a 13-year-old boy who is adopted by the Widow Douglas. The widow and her sister, Miss Watson, try to "sivilize" Huck, but Huck does not like to be controlled and told what to do. One day, Huck's pap who has been missing for a while comes back. Huck is upset because he doesn't like him. Huck's pap gets drunk and beats him up. He threatens Huck to stop going to school. One day, he kidnaps Huck and brings him to an old cabin in the woods. Pap keeps Huck locked in the cabin so he can't escape. Huck eventually comes up with plan that helps him escape from pap: faking his own murder. Huck uses the canoe that he found to go to Jackson's Island where he will be free. On the island, he met Jim, Miss Watson's slave. Huck decides that he will travel with Jim in search for freedom.

What I like about this book is the clever stories that Huck comes up with to get people to help him and Jim. Jim's dialect in this book was kind of confusing, but the dialect is what makes this book special.

What can we learn form reading this book?
From reading this book, we can learn how people react under different circumstances. For example, Huck makes up stories in order to protect Jim and himself.

Essential Questions

What role does society play in shaping who we are?
Sometimes other people, such as our friends or family, give us advice on what we should do with our lives.

What does freedom mean to you?
To me freedom means that I can express my opinions and not being told what I have to do all the time.

How do you go about making important decisions?
I usually think what will happen if I decide to make the decision that I want to make. If it is a really important decision, I sometimes ask my parents or friends for advice. I think about the results and I make the decision that will have a more positive result.

What does Huck Finn teach us about what it means to be human?
To be human means that we care about someone and there's someone who cares about us.

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