Night by Elie Wiesel

Elie and his family, along with other Jews, are taken to a Nazi concentration camp during WW II. During the first camp in Birkenau, Elie is separated from his mother and sisters, and he is left with only his father. Elie and his father are next taken to Auschwitz which at first seems to be better than the first camp.There, Elie receives a number that replaces his name: A-7713. Elie and his father remain there for three weeks before they are transported to the next camp, Buna. In Buna, Elie loses his gold crown in exchange for nothing and gets whipped by a German kapo. He also witnesses hangings and has operation on his foot. One day, when the news that the Russian army is drawing closer, the Germans evacuate the Jews to another camp. They marched for 42 miles until they arrive in Gleiwitz where Elie, his father, and the other Jews remain for three days. Next, they go on a train ride to Buchenwald. With 100 people on each train, they drive for ten days, without food or water. In Buchenwald, Elie's father becomes weaker and weaker until he finally dies. Only three months after his father's death, Elie is liberated

Even though some of the events that happened in the concentration camps were very cruel, I like the details that Elie provided in Night so we know what it was like to be in a Nazi concentration camp.

What can we learn from reading this book?
From reading this book, we can learn that everyone is capable of doing a bad thing under the worst conditions to stay alive. For example, in Night, a man threw his father's body into the furnace in order to stay alive.

Persecution Around the World

What are he root causes of persecution?
One of the root causes of persecution is a supercilious attitude toward others.

What are some current examples of persecution that take place in today's world?
One of the examples of persecution in today's world is in Iraq where people are forced to serve in the military. Persecution still happens in some parts of the world where people are being discriminated because of their race, religion, or their political beliefs.

What does Night teach us about what it means to be human?
Night teaches us that to be human means that we have someone who cares about us. Also, to be human means that we have our basic needs fulfilled such as food, water, and shelter.

What did I learn form writing assignment?
From this writing assignment, I learned how to put quotes from secondary sources at the right places.

What did I do well in this unit?
What I did well in this unit is integrating the secondary quotes into my essay.

What areas could I improve on?
I need to work on adding more transitions into my essay so it flows nicely from one sentence to the other.