Huckleberry Finn

Age: 13
Likes: Adventures, playing pranks on Jim, boating
Dislikes: wearing nice clothes, being civilized, praying before meals


This morning I saw bootprints in the snow, and I recognized the mark of the crossed nails that pap said could ward off the devil. I knowed pap was soon gonna come back when I realized the dead body they found in the river warn't pap. I wanted to know what pap wants so I went to see Jim because he has a magic hairball that could tell the future. When I went back to my room, I saw pap there. His face was mighty white, I knowed that he had been drinking whiskey again. He tol' me that I shouldn't go to school no more, and he took the one dollar that I got from Judge Thatcher. I reckon he's gonna buy some more whiskey with it. I just hope he won't come back often.

I was going home from school when suddenly pap apperared in front of me. He took me to an old cabin in the woods. He kept me locked up in there so I couldn't run away. I actually kinda like living with pap because I don't have to pray before meals, or act sivilized.Today when pap was gone, I found an old saw and I tried to make a hole in the cabin wall. I was almost done when I heard the lock click. I immediately covered the hole with a blanked and hid the saw under the matress. I was lucky pap didn't see me while I was cutting a hole in the wall or he would surely beat me up!

I finally figured out a way to escape from pap. I'm goin' to make it look like robbers were tryin' to get in and they killed me. I thought of this idea when I found the canoe in the river. I know that Tom would think of a more fancy plan, but I think this plan's going to work. When pap left the cabin, I prepared the murder scene. When I was done, I paddled to Jackson's island.

I like it here on this island where I could do what I want without anybody tellin' me what to do. I ate fish and berries here, and I like that I don't have to pray before every meal. I was walkin' 'round one day when I saw Jim. He was mighty scared when he saw me because he thought I was a ghost. Then he calmed down when I told him I warn't no ghost. Jim told me that he ran away from Miss Watson because she was goin' to sell him for $800.

One night when me and Jim were on the raft when we saw a wrecked steamboat. I reckoned we should go on the boat but Jim didn't think so. I went on the boat anyhow because that's what Tom would do. On the boat, I overheard three robbers, the two threatened to kill the other one. I was scared that they might find me and kill me too. When I went back to find Jim, he tol' me that our raft was gone! So, we took the robbers' boat and paddled to shore to get help for the robbers.